NEXT ENERGY is an independent research institute, which is organized under the umbrella of the non-profit association “EWE-Forschungszentrum für Energietechnologie e.V.”. The members of the association include the University of Oldenburg, the State of Lower Saxony, and the EWE AG, which, as the primary sponsor, provides us with the means to do comprehensive research.
NEXT ENERGY has committed itself to actively contribute to the technological changes in order to enable a sustainable energy supply for the future. We develop market-oriented technology solutions in the areas of thin-film photovoltaics, fuel cells, and energy storage.

In the field of fuel cells NEXT ENERGY develops innovative characterization methods and investigates the degradation effects of fuel cells. We concentrate on alternative material concepts in order to improve service life, costs, and the efficiency of fuel cells. Thereby we are focusing on membrane fuel cells, which work at high temperatures using non-aqueous ion transport mechanisms. Additionally, we are researching innovative polymer membranes, catalysts and system architectures for the next generation of devices to cut out the need for precious metal in the long term. µ-CHP systems are tested under real life conditions at NEXT ENERGY as one energy efficient application to be implemented within the next years.

Number of employees: >100    Fields of research:
Fuel Cells, Energy Storage, Thin-Film Photovoltaics
Project contact:
Peter Wagner
Phone: + 49 441 999 06 316 or
E-Mail: peter.wagner[at]