Danish Power Systems

Danish Power Systems (DPS) is a research based development company founded in 1994, working in the fields of energy and chemistry. Our focus is on the development of HT-PEM FCs. Our mission is to promote and develop environmentally sustainable technology to the benefit of the society and our business partners.

The “core” / active part of the FC is the MEA. It is the MEA that utilizes the fuel and thereby generates electrical power. The unique DPS know-how and competences have enabled the development of a state of the art MEA for HT-PEM. The development and manufacture of these MEAs requires unique expertise within polymer chemistry, catalysts, membranes, electrodes and related manufacturing techniques.

HT-PEM based FCs are one of the most promising FC technologies emerging. This technology has a number of advantages that makes it economically and technically feasible to deploy the FC technology in a number of specific applications.

The strategy of DPS is to:

  • Develop cost effective FCs with superior performance
  • Develop large scale manufacturing processes
  • Establish a FC production company.

DPS has facilities and equipment required for the development, testing and manufacturing of state of the art MEAs for HT-PEM.

Website: www.daposy.com
Project contact:
Hans Aage Hjuler
Phone: +45 41355268 or
E-Mail: hah[at]daposy.dk