For over 50 years Eisenhuth has been producing tools and moulds. Today, the Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG is one of the top manufacturers of moulds for rubber, silicon and plastics. Moreover the company produces silicone parts, rubber parts and plastic parts. Since 2006, Eisenhuth has strongly engaged in the production of bipolar plates for Fuel cells and gaskets. Reaching this leading position did not just happen. Eisenhuth have always been known as problem-solvers, a company whose work sets standards that others follow. In the Eisenhuth company, everything comes from a single source. From drawings incorporating the first ideas to supervision of a production run, Eisenhuth know-how is involved at every stage. Reliably functioning moulds and tools as well as components of fuel cells of high-quality and long duration of life are an important component in the production chain for rubber and plastics processors who have to hold their ground against increasing pressures caused by costs.

 In the frame of this project, there is an aim for:

  • development of an adequate rubber compound for high temperature fuel cell that can be used in injection moulding process
  • production of a prototyping mould for sealings
  • integration of sealings in the existing bipolar plates production of a mould for the integration for the sealing onto the bipolar plate

Number of employees: approx. 50
Fields of activities:
Mould making business, Rubber Part Production, Plastic Part Production, Components for Fuel Cell and Batteries
Project contact:
Thorsten Hickmann
Phone: +49 5522 906714 or
E-Mail: t.hickmann[at]eisenhuth.de