Inhouse Engineering GmbH

Inhouse engineering is a small and medium sized enterprise with place of residence in Berlin / Germany. It was founded 1991. The company is divided into two business divisions, which are “Efficient Energy Systems” and “Fuel Cell Systems”.
Core competence in the division of “Efficient energy systems” is the development of efficient, subsection comprehensive building automation solutions for HVAC systems. Efficient solution means to reach a maximum of energy, material and cost efficiency and having at the same time a comfortable and optimal indoor climate.
Core competence in the division of “Fuel Cell Systems” is the development, production and maintenance of PEM-FC stacks and PEM-FC µCHP systems for stationary power applications. Inhouse engineering is manufacturing PEM fuel cell stacks and PEM-FC µCHP up to 5 kW electrical power (planned till 20 kW) The fuel cell stacks and CHP systems are suitable for hydrogen rich gases produced by reforming process (e.g. natural gas or LPG) and pure hydrogen.
Combining the experiences and the know-how of both business divisions we are able to produce energy with a high efficiency decentralized and on demand and to use it in a very efficient way. That’s the key for our ecological and economical efficient energy supply.

Number of employees: 23
Fields of activities:
building automation, PEM fuel cell stacks and CHP systems
Project contact:
Christoph Hildebrandt
Phone: +49 30 6576 2581 or
E-Mail: c.hildebrandt[at]