Oel-Waerme-Institut (OWI) provides research services, investigating and developing concepts for heat and power generation on a basis of fossil and renewable fuels. It aims at developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products which are marketable. At the same time, OWI cooperates closely with industrial partners and research institutes and sees itself as a mediator between fundamental and applied research with a clients range from manufacturers of domestic heating systems to companies of the automotive supply industry, the petroleum industry and the industrial furnace engineering to other energy related industries. OWI is a non-profit organization and an acknowledged institute affiliated to RWTH Aachen University.

Number of employees: approx. 100 Fields of research: Liquid Fuels, Combined Heat and Power, Combustion Technology, Reforming, Fuel Cell Systems, High-Temperature Technology, Heating Technology Website: www.owi-aachen.de
Project contact:
Jörg vom Schloß
Phone: +49 2407 9518 125 or
E-Mail: J.vomSchloss[at]owi-aachen.de