University of Castilla-La Mancha

From its foundation (1985), University of Castilla-La Mancha, UCLM, has grown at high rate, attracting qualified human resources and providing to the people of the region with high education skills. UCLM integrates 27 academic departments offering 47 degree qualifications. It has two peculiar features:

  1. it is multi-disciplinary, undertaking work in practically all branches of knowledge; and
  2. its activities are very wide-ranging, embracing the spectrum from basic research to technological development.

The Chemical Engineering Department of the UCLM has 37 permanent staff members, 35 of them are PhD, 8 are full Professors and 20 are Lecturers. The research topics of the Department are varied and it can be said that they cover all the research fields. The Electrochemical Environmental Engineering Lab participates in the CISTEM Project and is formed by 15 people (2 Full professors, 5 lectures, 2 Assistant professors and PhD students).

The main research lines are:

  • Electrochemical treatment of industrial wastewaters.
  • Electro-remediation of polluted soils and underground waters.
  • Study of PEMFCs and MFCs
  • Bio-valorization of industrial effluents.

During the last 10 years our Group has published more than 120 papers in ISI Journals, has presented more than 150 Communications in International Meeting, among them, more than 10 Invited lectures and keynotes and more than 70 % were Oral Communications.




Project contact:
Justo Lobato
Phone: +34 902204100 6707 or
E-Mail: Justo.Lobato[at]